August Ashes (pulse check, August 28); snippets, promises and rambles

I guess this is a blog, so I’ll put it here.

I’m surprised we’re still getting hits, my god.

Anyways, it’s amazing how much can happen in what really isn’t that much time–and how, though acclimation or adjust, it neither seems long or like all that much.  The holes in my mental colander keep expanding and all I can do in protest is mutter geriatric grumblings–this blog hasn’t been here that long, but I don’t think it’s dead yet, either.

I’d still like to squeeze out an album review or two.  Since I’ve changed jobs, I’m an interesting place that allows me access to literally tens of thousands of cds, most of which I have no idea about.  Rather than reviewing something I’m going to praise–or hate (which is admittedly more fun), I might just grab something and roll with it.  My Funk has gotten noticeably stronger since I’ve started working here.  

And, of course, I’m always open to suggestions.

It’s also technically a bookstore, so there’s that.  

I know we post months apart, with promises to write next week, and we’re awful and horrible and I really need to commit to something, but we’re trying.  It’s still fun.

Throw some names my way–books, cds, movies, games, whatever.  I’ll try to find it at work, and we’ll go from there.  In the mean time I’ll start delving into the odder side of what’s within reach and let it, no preconceptions, and see how it affects me.

Been awhile, eh?



Clawing your Heritage

Oh come on.  What did you think it was going to be about?

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