Vision Malevolent #10: Ignore Momento Mori, Look at Meaningless Limbs

Oh, how I love the team challenges. Half the screencaps!


But one of the reasons why I write about Project Runway so much, despite producing this column for a reader base that is actively puzzled and unamused by my persistence in doing so, is because I love the layers. The bounty of angles this show provides is inspiring; the drama, the characters, the action, the relationships, the gaudiness, and, if nothing else, the fashion. And obviously, considering that I’ve yet to write once recap under 5000 words, I indulge in all of the above. But I love the structure more than anything else.


And even to that, there is layering: the structure of a season and the structure of an episode. I try to examine each in context to the other: How does this episode fit into the season, what purpose does it serve, what are they trying to build, what are they trying to demolish, etc. But I’ve got only one question this week:


What the fuck were they thinking?

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Vision Malevolent #9: Old Pets Scoff at the Playful Ones that Want Our Love

At this point in a show like Project Runway, it’s a scramble. It’s a scramble to figure out who we like, who has legitimate talent, who will be vilified and who will be canonized. It’s a scramble to figure out what the underlying narratives of the season will be. It’s a scramble for the producers to sort through the palaver and nonsense and unending amount of raw material and find something coherent to form that narrative and those characters. Which role armor can you stuff people into, and such. And for the viewer, at this point, allegiances are like S&P’s reputation: we’ll turn on you just because we fucking want to, and that’s that. But give us a reason to turn on you, however, and it can get ugly, real fast.

Oh hey, Bert.

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