Under the Snow: A Canadian Music Expose #9

Blood Ceremony:


They've got style

Myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/bloodceremony

Band members:

Alia O’Brien – Flute/Organ/Vocals

Lucas Gadke – Bass

Andrew Haust – Drums

Sean Kennedy – Guitars

Formed in Toronto, Ontario in 2006, Blood Ceremony sound like a bastard fusion of Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard and Jethro Tull, combined with a healthy love of cult rock, mythology, psychedelia and surreality. The mix is an enveloping and almost overwhelming heady blend that is best appreciated in a cloud of smoke.

Album cover:

The bands first album, self-titled and released in 2008 oozes Sabbath, Zepelling, Tull and other esoteric influences. Strong, thrumming, fuzzy and smoke-riddled, the album is lifted up by Alia’s smoky vocals and inspired flautistry. Although powerful, and full of inspired compositions, the album does occasionally fall into the trap of imitation in many ways. As a debut though, this is one smoking release. Classic tracks that stick out for me: A Wine of Wizardry which opens up with a classic mellow prog-rock flute piece, and some light subtle strings; the track never truly picks up, it’s like a rest area along the path of the album. Very subtle and fragile. Return of Forever is a soaring, guitar driven masterpiece of fuzzed out riffs and smoking female vocals ringing out. The albums awesome finale, Children of the Future is a darkly whimsical composition that flutters and soars on the wings of Alia’s flute. Rising and falling with swooping crescendos. Very gorgeous finale.

Album cover:

Second album, and man, has this group matured immensely. The compositions are deeper, more intricate, the influences more wide-spread and the instrumentation for edgy. Alia’s vocals are as spot-on as ever, and her flautistry remains truly impressive. The guitars have improved and added more intricate works, while never straying from that beloved fuzzed out sound. The occult lyrics, and pagan mind-set blast through the speakers, seducing you their Saturnalian mind-set and hedonistic implications. From the albums opening ode to the Great God Pan, rife with riffs and heavy with hallucinogen washed organs, you know you are in for a deeply complex and satisfyingly Dali-esque mind-fuck of a ride. There’s the heavy, dark and hypnotic, My Demon Brother. Rich with imagery, and heavy with atmosphere, it’s a ruggedly engaging track that drags you out of your smoke induced haze and brings you upright to bob along, perhaps even sing. The albums 10 minute finale, the rocking rhythmic and decadent sounding Daughter of the Sun is the perfect ending to album, encapsulating the feel and flow of all the album until this final moment. It’s a refreshingly layered and complex work that deserves no less than a full on blunt and headphones while lying down, treatment.

Video: Oliver Haddo:

Morning of the Magician:

Daughter of the Sun:

Explore a little, and if you like it, remember; Merchandise, live shows and direct purchases are the best way to show a band you love them, and help them make a living.


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2 Responses to Under the Snow: A Canadian Music Expose #9

  1. Random Doom Emthusiast says:

    That picture is of electric wizard… I’m sure of that. If that was done on purpose to expose Electric Wizard with Blood Ceremony then kudos, but that definitely isn’t Alia O’brien, Blood Ceremony’s vocalist/flutist/organist front.

  2. Indeed, the first pic is from Electric Wizard… what is almost the same as confusing Black Sabbath with the Jimy Hendrix Experience…
    Mate, you don’t even get close, yeah both bands have a chick, but Liz Buckingham is BLOND.

    Not even musically: Electric Wizard play Stoner / Doom and Blood Ceremony play Occult Rock with doom influences, it’s thus not even a real metal band.

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