Rebecca Black – A Beast of Our Own Making

Rebecca Black’s new song ‘Friday’ is terrible. Probably one of the worst songs to ever see the light of day. The media backlash has been swift and universal. Hipsters and music journos, newspapers and TV shows have all dedicated time to decry this abomination of a song. Most of the abuse has been heaped on Black herself, a 13-year-old Californian whose self-image has probably been damaged beyond repair. But have we ever considered the possibility that all of us are perhaps slightly to blame for this abomination?

Let me clarify. In the internet age, technology is available to anyone with an internet connection. We’ve seen a number of great (and not-so-great) musicians and pop culture icons start their career as internet hype beasts, from L.A. rapper Tyler, the Creator to television prostitute … er, ‘personality,’ Tila Tequila. The power of the internet, and social media in particular, is not to be underestimated.

This is precisely the problem. There is more stuff tumbling around the internet than our brains can imagine. There’s a lot of hidden gems. But there’s also a lot of pure shit. Rebecca Black may be a poor musician, but she doesn’t deserve to be castigated and psychologically traumatised just because some blogger somewhere (much like myself, I would hazard) found her video on YouTube and relayed it to the rest of the world.

I won’t go and ramble on anymore, that’s more or less all I have to say on the topic, but I would hope that we don’t take this Black-mania too seriously; yes, the song is shit, and yes, it’s hilarious to listen to, but the personal attacks are a bit harsh. It appears I’m the fucking Bleeding Hearts Brigade, haha.

Enjoy, motherfuckers


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3 Responses to Rebecca Black – A Beast of Our Own Making

  1. MessianicRebel says:

    It’s not even the lack of quality of the song, it’s the horrific parasitism of Aut-tune.

  2. I don’t think you went deep enough here. We’re to blame because we’ve created the zeitgeist that creates this kind of fill-in-the-blanks pop song. Auto-tune, like Chris said, is a part of it. People who are going bonkers over this song are the same people buying the “legitimate” pop music it emulates.

    It’s not even a terrible song. It’s nothing.

  3. fuckyournames says:

    All of the attention this is getting, from everywhere, is because of the Internet Hate Machine and its locomotive drive to plow anything into the ground at a whim. It’s nothing more than some teenager emulating Auto-Tune saturation, words that just make noise to fit with the rhythm and general sickly sweet gloss of popular teen idols.

    She’s the new Justin Bieber–it’s just that without an ever expanding catalog and backing legion of fans, all the pressure went inwards onto Rebecca.

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