Under the Snow: A Canadian Music Expose #4

Canadian Country

Luther Wright & the Wrongs

Springing from Kingston, Ontario, Luther Wright & the Wrongs is best described as devoutly alt-country project, with a great sense of humour and caustic view of humanity. Formed back in 1998 by Luther Wright (formerly of Weeping Tile, alt-rock group) had two early albums that consisted of original recordings and stayed well under the radar.

Hurtin For Certain (1997) and Roger’s Waltz (1999) I would love to comment on. I cannot. I have never been able to get my hands on them, but I am pretty sure they are reasonably awesome.

Re-imagining Pink Floyd

My first exposure to the band, was with their breath-takingly ballsy take on Pink Floyds – The Wall. Rebuild the Wall (2001) is an audacious re-imagining of the Wall, song by song, as a bluegrass/country album. Unabashedly full of gusto and passion, Rebuild the Wall is a real experience for any fan of Pink Floyd or Country (or covers, or just plain strange but awesome music). What makes the album work, is that no matter how far they twist the album out of shape, there is always threads of familiarity there; from the fiddle solo in Another Brick in the Wall Part 2, to Sarah Harmer’s stunning vocals in Mother, the insane pace of Bring the Boys Back Home, to the Stunningly beautiful string arrangement of Is Anybody Out There? The album hums with true musical mastery. Taken as is, Rebuild the Wall is a fascinating example of how versatile the compositions of Pink Floyd are. It’s a stunning example of Luther Wright & the Wrong’s talent, and a ray of shining light for the often maligned Bluegrass/country scene. It is short, absolutely fucking awesome. Listen to it.

Guitar Pickin Martyr’s (2003) is a return to original country compositions and it is delivered with delight. The title track is a guitar pickers delight, and absolutely enjoyable to sing along with. Devious Dissembler is a fluid, flowing track with a slick and engaging lyrical run, one that is fun to explore multiple times as you really dig into it. Broken Fuckin Heart is a fantastic stand-out track, fast, bobbing, funny, heart felt and easy to get lost in. This is a valuable addition to any country fans collection, and has remained criminally under-rated in the country scene across North America.

Instrumentality (2005) is a fantastic example of the bands compositional skills, especially as much of it was written and recorded in very short periods of time, as various members of the group filtered in and out of the studio and town. It’s engaging, fun, and far more complex than one would perhaps expect at first. Filled with stunning instrumentation and exciting body-moving tracks, it’s impossible to single any works out for love. Just get it.

Man of your Dreams (2008) Is perhaps the bands most traditionally country work, with love ballads to the rural world, such as Twin Butte Alberta, and a string of heart-broken ballads of emotional rockiness. Truly the broken-hearted mans album, Man of Your Dreams is very smooth, heart-felt and well written. Vocally and musically, this is a damn good album for fans of country.

It’s worth noting the band members have also recorded two albums for children under the name of Butterfingers, and though I have yet to check it out, I will be sure to let you know what I think when I do.

Band Members (Present):
Luther Wright
Dan Whiteley
James Taylor
Casey Fisher
Emily Fennell
Greg Stewart

Band Members (Past):
Camille Giroux
Burke Carroll
Dan Curtis
Sean Kelly
Megan Palmer
Mauro Sepe
Chris Brown

Music Videos:
Another Brick in the Wall Pt 2:
Comfortably Numb:

Share the word out; Canadian country is better than you ever guessed 🙂


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