Shit like this…

I was going to do my next piece as a continuation to my list of brilliant 2010 albums, but I feel compelled to step away from entertainment and share the podium with Rage for a time.

As of this afternoon, the hateful rhetoric and virulent fear-mongering of the US political system has exploded. Sarah Palin, Americas favourite goofy, hate-spewing, milfy redneck imbecile, has a lot to answer for. This: Trigger finger Is Palins call to remove some liberals from the game. Notice the gun symbols, notice the name of Gabrielle Giffords (whom is in critical condition in a Tucson hospital with a bullet wound to her head), then pause to realize that Palin has removed this from her Facebook, and seems intent on ignoring it.

Rhetoric, especially as fear-mongering and venomous as Palin has been spitting, leads to all sorts of horrible things. I’m not going to lecture you on what hate-filled rhetoric has done for the world, I don’t need to. If you are reading this, you likely have a sensible brain in your skull.

Sadly, this act of terrorism will be seen by those who admire Palins hateful ideologies as a step in the right direction (watch for Fox News anchors to sound smug about the situation), while those opposed to her will likely only see it as further proof their country is sliding into the 19th century again.

Truthfully I have been yelling this warning out into the void for about 5 years now, and I only see the gulf widen by each year. If the US doesn’t collapse into a civil war by the middle of the century, I’ll eat one of my hats (literally…I will cook, and devour one of my many chapeaus.)

In other delightful news, Obamas administration (promised to the be the most transparent administration in histor) is further clamping down on the WikiLeaks. This time by using…Twitter? Twitter subpoena’d

Interesting that they choose to subpoena Twitter, likely the social site with the least amount of personal informations. Alan Colmes offers an interesting point of view on why Twitter was targeted.

In light of these absurd extremes in the US governing process, and cultural cohesiveness, it’s hard not to see some pretty ugly shit coming.


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One Response to Shit like this…

  1. Rage says:

    Interesting, Chris; I have something to say about Palin, but I’ll save it for a post I plan to make in the next month or so.

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