2010 has been a good year

for music in general, and metal in particular.

There’s something to be said for the ease at which one can find new music; the simplicity in the search now. Hear a name? Check myspace, last.fm or pandora. Like what you heard, and want to hear more like it? 8 tracks, last.fm and pandora now.

One can spider web through the internet, grabbing and discovering new stuff with the grace of a shark prowling the oceans, (or perhaps a pirate prowling the Horn of Africa..) taking what you like and leaving the rest to fall to the ocean floor.

This is a glorious thing, and I fully and Whole Heartedly approve of these efforts to share the brilliance that is out there. So for my first post to the Blog, I present you with 8 mixes, of 10 tracks taken from 2010 albums. You will love this 😉

In Metal

In Country/Folk

In Ambient/Gentle

In Hip-Hop/Funk

Please, take the time to check a couple out, pass them on. Suggest further collections in a similiar vein. You get the idea.


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