Quatloo’s for Sale (10-29-2010)

Listening to 45s

Friday; 2:30-4:30 PM PST
http://www.kdvs.org/listen (Live Stream)
http://www.mediafire.com/?yy2ehwscpuoo63h (DDL)
http://www.divshare.com/download/13023468-03f (Stream)

Rummaged through the library’s 45’s. Let’s see what we’ve found.


1 Balkans Bill Spills Georganne Double Phantom *new arrival
3 The Beets/Cassie Ramone The Beets – I Don’t Know Split Psychic Lunch/ CMR TYZ *new arrival
2 La Sera Behind Your Eyes Never Come Around Hardly Art *new arrival
1 Meercaz Never Too Late to Learn S/T Sweet Rot *new arrival
—————————–air break—————————–
1 The Snakes HiyaHoya HiyaHoya b/w Billy Jack 1 & 2 Slow Gold Zebra
1 The Pheromoans Robotic Son Midnight Watchdog EP Sweet Rot *new arrival
1 Trailblazer Gut Reaction Gut Reaction Moniker *new arrival
5 Cafeteria Dance Fever Satanic Hyena Where’s My Bleach? Hovercraft *new arrival
—————————–air break—————————–
2 Vermillion Sands The Last Day 20 Hours Trouble in Mind *new arrival
1 East Bay Grease Just Head Just Head Classic Bar Music *new arrival
1 The Wrong Words What Went Wrong? What Went Wrong? Trouble in Mind *new arrival
2 Radical Up Never Enough Never Enough 7″ Sick Records
—————————–air break—————————–
2 The Boatrampmen Under The Boatramp Rampage!!! Cruddy Records
3 The Finks Marauder Dirty Rotten Finks Dionysus
4 The Delstars Last Wave Peel out! with the Delstars Swizzle
2 Fergus & Geronimo Turnin’ Blue Never Satisfied Hardly Art *new arrival
—————————–air break—————————–
1 Sean Lennon Home Home b/w 5/8 Grand Royal
4 Consignment Captain Gone Baby Sweet Rot *new arrival
1 Anna Kramer & The Lost Cause I’ve Been Around I’ve Been Around Double Phantom *new arrival
2 The Union Electric Bugs Thylacine b/w Bugs Poetry Scores *new arrival
—————————–air break—————————–
1 Crystal Stilts Shake The Shackles Shake The Shackles Slumberland *new arrival
1 Wounded Lion Pointed Sticks Pointed Sticks Trouble in Mind *new arrival
4 Brazilian Money Bones Doing What I Want Totally Disconnected *new arrival
—————————–air break—————————–
2 The Beets/Cassie Ramone Here Is Where We Were Split Psychic Lunch/ CMR TYZ *new arrival
2 Simple Circuit Moon Druggies Boarded Up Houses Super Secret *new arrival
2 Sorry About Dresden Crusades Me and Kim Il Sung/Crusades Dude City Records
2 The Know Nothings I Was A Teenage Stalker God Shmod, I Want My Monkeyman Whatelse Records
—————————–air break—————————–
1 Vivian Girls Tell the World Tell the World Woodsist
1 The Slits Man Next Door Man Next Door 7″ Rough Trade
1 Erase Errata/Black Dice Erase Errata – The Shade Erase Errata/Black Dice plit Troubleman Unlimited
1 Kurt Vile He’s Alright He’s Alright Matador
—————————–air break—————————–

2 Responses to Quatloo’s for Sale (10-29-2010)


    Sorry del. It was a super rough day and I went to bed with Laura (ie, at European Time) and missed the show. šŸ˜¦

  2. nostalgiatape says:

    It’s all good. Jen was having a rough day, too. She was sick while we did the show. Hope you didn’t catch something, too.

    As always I’ll try and get a download/stream link up.

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