Quatloo’s for Sale (10/22/2010)

Friday; 2:30-4:30 PM PST
http://www.kdvs.org/listen (Live Stream)
http://www.mediafire.com/?wq8qypah0yyhrkc (DDL)
http://www.divshare.com/download/13023229-a28 (Stream)

Somewhat of a freestyle. Let’s see if it sounds any good, yeah?


2 Electric Wire Hustle Gimmie That Kinda Electric Wire Hustle BBE *new arrival
3 Eldridge Gravy & the Court Supreme Smells Like Danger Us Is What Time it Is Self Released *new arrival
4 Fitz & The Tantrums Money Grabber Pickin’ Up The Pieces Dangebird Records *new arrival
4 Shawn Lee Fade Up feat. The Superimposers Sing A Song Ubiquity *new arrival
4 Con Brio Black Holes Blues From the Hip Self Released *new arrival
—————————–air break—————————–
2 Elis Regina The Drunk and the Ropewalker That Woman WEA Latina
10 Sivuca Rosa Na Favela (A Rose Born In The Ghetto) Sivuca Vanguard
1 Caetano Veloso A Little More Blue Caetano Veloso Philips
7 Milton Nascimento The Call Milton A&M
6 Paralamas Fingido Bora Bora Capitol
—————————–air break—————————–
9 Bim Sherman Blazing Dub Ghetto Dub Revolver
7 Culture feat. Joseph Hill Elijah Lion Rock Heart Beat
11 The Equators Feelin’ High Hot Stiff Reords
11 v/a Les Frelons – Les Marginaux Ska Kompil’ Squale Records
17 U-Dou & Platy Track 17 Big Up Victor Entertainment
—————————–air break—————————–
1 Nostalgic Progression Blue Sphere Blue Sphere Samplistic
4 Company Flow Krazy Kings Too End to End Burners Rawkus
4 Blueprint Lo-Fi Funk – Featuring Aesop Rock Boombox Rhymesayers
8 The Last Poets MeanMachine This Is Madness Celluloid
—————————–air break—————————–
10 Bibi Tanga and The Selenites Bonjou mon ami Jean Dunya Nat Geo Music *new arrival
2 Ebo Taylor African Woman Love and Death Strut *new arrival
10 Various Artists Emperor Dele Ojo & His African Internationals – Jekoyewa Nigeria Special Vol. 2 Sound Way
4 Eddie Quansah Awo Awo Awo Awo Mango
5 v/a Youlou – Kamikaze 20 Anniversaire African
—————————–air break—————————–

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