NaniNani #1: Time to cut your hair!

This is basically a little weekly comic about the terrible things that delirium really says to me



4 Responses to NaniNani #1: Time to cut your hair!

  1. Looks like we’re riding t-chan’s coattails here at the Double E. 😀

  2. mattersundermind says:

    I laughed.

    It had good timing.

    Reminded me of the Home Movies “It’s time to Pay the Price” episode, hah.

  3. nostalgiatape says:

    I know I’ve been riding those coattails for a minute. I’d be nowhere near as cool. Assuming anyone thinks I’m cool.

    Funny you’d mention Home Movies. It’s definitely an influence around here and to what we find funny. The episode where Brendon, his Dad and his Dad’s Girlfriend go to therapy is brilliant.

  4. ryandill says:

    what i really enjoy about her style is the expressions. the character designs are simple, but have a fairly wide range of emotion. it seems very reminiscent of some of the extra mini-comics found at the end of manga volumes about the day to day of the author. really looking forward to more

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