Quatloo’s for Sale (10-15-2010)

Friday; 2:30-4:30 PM PST
http://www.kdvs.org/listen (Live Stream)
http://www.mediafire.com/?f1l8aa0fejrfe7h (DDL)
http://www.divshare.com/download/12863888-827 (Stream)

New arrivals here at the station. Mostly dreampop and things that are fuzzy and make you feel good. But maybe they’ll make you sad, too.


2 Scraps Shepherd to Sheep A Salty Sea Dirty Knobby *new arrival
1 Very Truly Yours I’d Write You a Song Things You Used to Say Skywriting Records *new arrival
—————————–air break—————————–
1 The Tradewinds Learning To Read Learning to Read Gilgongo
3 The Sleepovers Together Forever Secret HoZac
2 Outdoorsmen Slap My Hand You and Me and Rock n Roll Daggerman *new arrival
1 Outer Minds Bloodshot Eyes Bloodshot Eyes HoZac *new arrival
—————————–air break—————————–
7 Procedure Club Awfully Managed Pigeons Doomed Forever Slumberland *new arrival
2 Living Rooms How You Do It Family Taste Double Phantom *new arrival
2 Kim Ki O Herkes Evine Dans Enfant Terrible *new arrival
5 Sunset Early Morning Loveshines But The Moon Is Shining Too Autobus Records *new arrival
—————————–air break—————————–
Katie Jane More To Lose
2 Emily Frembgen If it’s not the son Always With You Self Released *new arrival
4 The Yellow Dress The Hills Have Eyes Watch Out! Watch Out! Down With Dr. Gallup! Third Culture *new arrival
7 Sarah Jaffe Summer Begs Suburban Nature Kirtland
Katie Jane Enough To Think About
—————————–air break—————————–
3 Geronimo! Fill me Up Fuzzy Dreams Self Released
2 William Ingrid Before That Where Are You? Self Released
6 Grass Widow Fried Egg Past Time Kill Rock Stars *new arrival
3 Fur Cups For Teeth Look Higher Fcfu Self-Released *new arrival
—————————–air break—————————–
10 The Streets on Fire color/stereo This Is Fancy Currency Exchange Records
5 Your Youth Supercute Aloha Gigantic Music *new arrival
3 Iretsu Sexy, No? Fang Hidden Shoal Recordings
6 Knapsack Arrows to the Ashes This Conversation Is Ending Starting Right Now Alias *request
3 The Harvey Girls Puss I’ve Been Watching a Lot of Horror Movies Lately Circle Into Square Records
—————————–air break—————————–
1 Sleep Good Hey Man Skyclimber Autobus Records *new arrival
3 Dreamend Magnesium Light So I ate myself, bite by bite Graveface *new arrival

4 Responses to Quatloo’s for Sale (10-15-2010)

  1. I’m there. And I totally want that Wendy’s pick.

    • nostalgiatape says:

      That’s funny. I was just about to head over to NF and tell you to tune in this week. This one should definitely have you shakin what your momma gave you.

  2. Yay! Last two segments in particular were tight as hell. Streets on Fire floored me. Definitely, I’ll be checking out Procedure Club, Glass Widow, Your Youth, Sleep Good, Dreamend, and The Yellow Dress.

  3. fuckyournames says:

    I need to request some Doom Metal at some point; some of it could conceivably go with a Dream Pop/Shoegaze/Ambient spot if it were ethereal enough, and there’s plenty to have in there.

    Good show, regardless.

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