Hi there.

Every Monday, time and space permitting (with a few extras every now and then), I’ll be taking an album, giving my opinion on it and hopefully getting more people interested.  Simple enough, right?  Well, the world is always in need of more interaction, so I’ll also be willing to take suggestions for albums to review, even original music, should I be interesting enough to you to warrant it.  That’s a lot less likely, however.

Genre will be pretty loose and sporadic; I’m open to anything and everything concerning suggestions, so don’t expect a pattern or style clutch, you specific fucks.   But, content is always welcomed, so give me your best shot.

Hopefully we’ll get enough momentum to make this more than a handful of guys talking to themselves.






3 Responses to Introduction

  1. nostalgiatape says:

    I request post-post music.

    • fuckyournames says:

      If you got an album, swing it my way. I ain’t gonna do the work for you.

      It seems that our Sunday is also kind of slow, as well as thursday; I wonder if we can do something else in those slots, either a collab or what, until we have more people doing regular posts.

  2. nostalgiatape says:

    Nia is Sunday. She just signed on. Shawn is Thursday but being around the globe makes it seem like he’s posting Wednesday for us. I hadn’t taken that into account until after the fact. But I figure since we’re seemingly getting double posts on Wednesdays it’s cool. A collab does sound really interesting, though. And it’s not like we’re limited to those specific days.

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